We are currently using NYDA, a nontoxic, pesticide-free, and proven treatment. NYDA is a revolutionary topical treatment for the eradication of head lice. This dimethicone oil based product penetrates deep into the smallest breathing openings of lice, larvae, as well as the respiratory system of the egg and replacing the air and killing in three stages, from eggs to adult lice.  Please see http://www.nyda.ca/en/ for more information.  Please keep in mind that this product still recommends doing two treatments as so treatment is 100% effective in killing lice.  Combing and removing nits is key!




The "head" lice lady

Ashley is the founder and owner/operator of East Coast Lice Ladies and knows all too well about the struggles of head lice. She currently resides in East Hants, Nova Scotia with her husband, daughter and cats and was born and raised in Nova Scotia.  Over the past decade, Ashley has spent countless hours "nit picking" and "cootie catching" and extensively and continuously researches head lice in communities and countries all over the world.  She took her love for children, business and managing the pesky vermin and decided to take a leap of faith and share her skills with others and start her own business.  Ashley is well on her way to success and has recently been nominated by the East Hants Chamber of Commerce for Young Entrepreneur of the Year. 

About east coast lice ladies


East Coast Lice Ladies has officially been in business since June 2014 and has successfully eliminated thousands of lice and nits off of childrens, parents, nurses, and teachers heads. They provide affordable, friendly, safe head lice screening, treatment, combing and educational services for families, schools, caregivers, pharmacies, camps, and community organizations. They also teach coping strategies, address misconceptions and provide compassion to families all in hopes of turning what may start as a negative experience into a positive one. East Coast Lice Ladies show up ready to find and remove lice quickly and effectively using pesticide free products and techniques that are safe and proven.


For so many reaons!  First off, we come to you and allow for all family members to be screened in the most relaxed environment-your own home. You privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed. Second, we are the most affordable and always beat our competitors pricing!  We provide cost effective, professional services and on-site assessment and education to help prevent re-infestation. You get security and peace of mind knowing that professionals are dedicated to helping you win the battle against lice.  And don't worry, we don't arrive in an advertisement on wheels, we simply appear as friendly visitors :)   ‚Äč