School & camp visits

East Coast Lice Ladies provides on site school/daycare and camp visits. We can determine whether or not a person has head lice within minutes.  Group screenings are effective in detecting most cases of head lice, but are not as thorough as full head checks.  We are careful and cautious and do our best to identify lice and provide a hair sample with lice attached for parent and school confirmation.  We will discreetly diagnose and send infested students home at the end of the day with a detailed information sheet about head lice and treatment options.  Let’s all work together to dispel the stigma associated with head lice and to keep head lice under control our communities.


East Coast Lice Ladies provide their services for clients and their families in the comfort of their own homes.  This way we can educate your entire family on how to detect, treat, and prevent head lice  and assist you with environmental care instructions for the home.  We will bring our pesticide-free products and professional equipment to ensure that you receive the best care and service.  And don't worry, we don't advertise our services on our vehicles so that we just look like friendly visitors when we show up.

East Coast Lice Ladies offer a complete service package for those who just want the lice gone and also a comb-out/nit-picking service for those who have already treated their children with OTC products and just need help getting rid of the nits.  Lice treatment starts at $60.00/hour (billed in 10 minute intervals after first hour). Treatment typically takes 1-2 hours depending on severity of infestation and length of hair. Travel charges may apply depending on your location.  Initial head check $20 per person. Reduced head check rates for 3 or more people to be checked. Initial head check fee is waived if lice is detected and treatment is provided. If treatment is required, the hourly rate begins at the start time of visit. Family discount rates are available for multiple family treatments. 

School, daycare, camp, team, group checks(12-24) $4.00 per head. (25-50)$3.50 per head (50+) 3.00 per head. Travel charges may apply depending on your location.

Contact us to speak at a school information evening, at an organized Parent Teacher Association gathering or to a small group of parents or caregivers.  We will provide free handouts and information sheets on the “Facts of Lice” and teach parents and/or educators how to identify head lice, how to minimize lice from spreading, and prevention tips.  Fees range for Lice Education Seminars, so call today to arrange for us to come to your organization, camp or business.  We are currently offering free information sessions at schools in HRM and East Hants. 

 Services & fees

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